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Below is a brief summary of recent 'got password?' releases.

December 24, 2005, Version 1.6
· Added ability to add free-form notes to accounts
· Added ability to disable and enable 'got password?' without stopping and restarting it

October 26, 2005, Version 1.5.1
Added support for using special characters in generated passwords

April 19, 2005, Version 1.5
· Added 'Find Account' dialog
· Added support for FTP URLs

February 1, 2005, Version 1.4.2
· Added ability to hide/show passwords in Accounts dialog
· Fixed problem with always prompting for master password as if for the first time, until program was first restarted
· Updated support URL and converted to Web link

January 6, 2005, Version 1.4.1
· Added a visual gauge for master password strength in password entry dialog
· Addressed memory leak when checking for updates

December 5, 2004, Version 1.4
Added support for running self-contained from a removable drive (such as a USB memory stick).

November 14, 2004, Version 1.3.2
Maintenance release to address minor issues and support for version checking.

May 23, 2004, Version 1.3.1
Added support for non-US English keyboards and using Ctrl-Alt key combination for entering special characters.

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