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Using 'got password?' is easy. Its interface has been specifically set up to be as simple as possible. Here are the simple steps to get started:

1. The first time it starts up, its account list will be empty, so you'll need to let it know about any accounts you have. To activate it (assuming you've let the installer program start it automatically), quickly tap the <Ctrl> key on your keyboard twice. At the popup menu that appears, select 'Configure...' and enter any relevant account information.

Empty menu


Account configuration page 2. You can set up each account with a name, account ID, password and Web URL. When you press OK, the new accounts you've just added will be saved.

3. Next time you double-tap the <Ctrl> key, they will be listed in the popup menu, and you'll be able to select the name, password, or both to log on
Configured menu

4. The configuration dialog also allows you to customize certain program options (such as the hot key, password generation criteria, and encryption) to your liking, so you can tailor them to the way you like to work. If something in that dialog isn't clear, simply click on the small question mark button in the dialog's caption, and then click on the dialog control in question to have its function explained to you. Options configuration screen

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