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Finally - an easy to use, yet powerful and flexible password manager!

What is it, you may ask, and what's its claim to fame?

If you're like most people in this day and age, you're probably finding yourself with quite a few online accounts: online banking, a free e-mail account, an auction Web site, a favorite book store, a trading company, and so on.

Keeping logon credentials for all these sites becomes a little tricky: Do you use the same ID and password for all of them, therefore running the risk that they all become vulnerable if someone learns that password? Or do you use different credentials, improving security, but making managing them all a nightmare?

Here's where got password? comes in--it combines security and convenience, simplicity and flexibility in one handy package.

What makes it different? Here are some distinctive features that make it the easiest and most flexible password manager around:

Lightweight: doesn't take over your system's resources just to do its job. It stays out of your way until you need it.

Easy to access: no complicated key/mouse combinations to memorize. No awkward dragging of items from one window to another. A simple double key tap brings it to the foreground, a mouse-click away from entering your credentials.

Secure: all of your passwords are encrypted using an industry standard, 128-bit strong RC4 encryption algorithm.

Easy to configure: clear and streamlined single configuration screen makes account list setup a breeze.

Flexible and multi-purpose: use it to go to your favorite Web page or to enter user ID and/or password into the Web browser or another program of your choice.

Password generation-enabled: can generate random passwords for you to use with any new accounts you create. (Because they are generated using robust, cryptographically secure algorithms, they can be much more hacker-proof than a password you might choose yourself.)

Portable: Use it with a 'flash' drive of your choice, such as a USB drive, and take it with you wherever you go. Your account information then becomes available to you whenever you need it!

Does that sound like what you're looking for? If so - great! Click here to download your own free copy. If not, perhaps some of the products below offer what you need.

Customer Quotes

Well worth the money...

In my job as a contracting webmaster, 'got password?' has proven to be an invaluable tool for managing both my administrative and client password lists.

I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to save time and stress!!

  James Fitch

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