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So, you think you're ready to jump right in to start playing?  OK, here are a couple of things you need to know:

Now you're ready to play!

WaveCatcher Registration
Want to become one of the first few people to experience and influence this new exciting Internet strategy game? Follow this link to apply for a game account .
Download Windows version
Go here to download the Windows version of the game. It has nicer graphics, better sound, improved UI, and more!
Try to win a free copy of the game!
When you submit a completely filled-out questionnaire, we'll enter you into a bi-weekly drawing for a free copy of the game!
Purchase WaveCatcher
Why wait for your copy to expire, preventing you from continuing with your hard-earned nation? As soon as you run WaveCatcher for the first time, get the serial number from your copy and follow this link to purchase it, avoiding any future hassles!

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