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WaveCatcher for Windows® 95/98/NT version (not requiring a browser)
This is the version of WaveCatcher we recommend that you use.  It features nicer graphics, sound, more responsive UI, and then some!  Give it a try and tell us what you think.  What you get is a fully functional version of the program that lets you play WaveCatcher for four hours.  After that initial period (until you register) you will need to restart your scenario every time you play.  Don't want to deal with that hassle?  Then--
Purchase your own copy of WaveCatcher and receive a key to unlock the program
Follow this link to purchase/unlock your copy of WaveCatcher online or to get information about how to do it by mail.  We use secure credit card processing for all of our credit card transactions.  You can be up and running in minutes!
User manual in different formats
We now have  copies of the game manual available for download. You can download the manual in either Word for Windows or plain text format.

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